Hopare: Ferguson

The last Hopare at Avenue des Arts

An intimate, warm way of slicing up human figures.

• Nov 12 • 226 words

The landscapes in downtown Long Beach

A little messy and fluid, a little chaotic, and a little more frightening.

• Nov 11 • 583 words

Flattening out the landscape increases the distinctness of the layers.

• Nov 2 • 272 words

Change of heart, change of art

They are hung and I am sprung.

• Oct 31 • 2742 words

From Molly Gruninger’s Thinkspace show

They gleam with virtuosity.

• Oct 29 • 207 words

This girl and this guy

I recognized the name.

• • 312 words

Shockboxx Gallery was pretty much the best thing

Amber paints love everywhere that love can fit.

• • 429 words

I ran into Marge Simpson at the DTLA art walk

Nipples ahoy!

• • 238 words

When my relationship with art got easier

Part of being an adult is the ability to comfortably say, “I don’t know.”

• Oct 16 • 1395 words

What KMNDZ’s got at the House of Blues

None of it explains what the birdhouses mean.

• Oct 9 • 212 words