Christine Rasmussen

Intimate but barren environments in mundane moments.

There she is!
There she is!

Christina Rasmussen in her studio

How things got to this point, in her own words:

My mom is an artist so I’ve been around art my whole life, but I started really getting into it when I was 16 and started learning how to paint in oils.

I never seriously considered being an artist as a career, though, so I started college with a totally unrelated major – Peace & Conflict Studies – and only added Art as a double major so they would keep letting me take classes. Upon graduating I pursued work in other areas – I’ve worked as a receptionist, administrative assistant, teaching artist, sandwich maker, freelancer and operations/communications coordinator. Throughout, I continued to paint on my own time.

In 2011, I moved to Austin for a year and started working on my art more seriously – I got a business license, started selling my work, and had shows at street booths, coffee shops and an art collective gallery. When I moved back to California the following year, I tried to go back to a regular, salaried job. But in 2014 I quit that full-time position to pursue my art professionally and I haven’t looked back since.

I moved to LA in Nov. 2015 and have shown in galleries and alternative spaces in downtown LA, Culver City, Santa Monica and Echo Park. I live in Eagle Rock and my studio is in Glassell Park.

The 300-square foot studio where she works is on the second floor of an industrial building in Glassell Park. On the floor below, men are welding and woodworking, building sets for a movie. Here is what her space looks like and where it all happens:

Her online portfolio is impressive, especially in its helpful documentation.

She’s connected with the following artists: Linda Vallejo, Veronica De Jesus, Shelley Heffler, Mara Zaslove.