Seven things about Cuddly Rigor Mortis’ Ice Cream Buddies

Do I really need there to be more than that?

Ice Cream Buddies

Ice Cream Buddies

I see something by Cuddly Rigor Mortis every time I hit up Gallery1988, and in none of those visits have I had any idea what to think. The place is like walking into a comic strip. It’s fun but…I don’t know how to finish this sentence. Ice Cream Buddies is some new work from the artist.

1. On this wood panel, there’s a little yellow monster and some ice cream sitting on the leg of a blue monster with lush, well-rendered fur, also enjoying some ice cream.

2. There’s not enough background — or really any background — to make this a scene. It’s just the monster amigos and their ice cream at peak happiness, and the seemingly unending wood panel behind them.

3. Do I really need there to be more than that? If so, why?

4. If not, cool.

6. The most striking thing in this wood panel is the disparate sizes of blue monster’s eyes. His weirdly colossal right eye and the hair around it are the focal point for this image. They make this image much better than it would be otherwise.

7. Blue monster dominates, and this painting might as well be just him. I don’t see what’s gained by having Yellow in here, or what would be lost by excising it.

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