Well, Cratedigger was something

Hundreds of people showed up and there was a bouncer.

Cratediggger, at The Gabba Gallery.

From what I’ve been able to piece together, the LA art scene began to explode about five years ago. A lot happened; artists, publicists, galleries, and you and I started to show off everything awesome we made or came across on social media. Galleries at Bergamot Station started migrating toward and into Culver City, diffusing your possible art night destinations. Also very importantly, “They finally figured out what to do with downtown,” one artist told me.

Cratediggger, at The Gabba Gallery.

Cratediggger, at The Gabba Gallery.

Which explains the party atmosphere at the Gabba Gallery’s Cratedigger show on Aug. 12. It was exciting and nuts. Hundreds of people showed up and there was a bouncer.

Cratediggger, at The Gabba Gallery.

Cratediggger, at The Gabba Gallery.

“There’s always great vibes. Group shows with 90+ artists will always have a crazy crowd tho,” said Vakseen, the sunshine on this blog’s cloudy day. Here was one of his submissions:

All of my #VanityPop creations are heavily influenced by women, duality, #beauty & pop culture so for my newest painting #yepitsapainting 💥I decided to grab inspiration from @Madonna & 1 of her biggest records to date. #Madonna is well known for pushing the boundaries of pop music & visual imagery so the Cratedigger show provided the perfect opportunity to pay homage & recreate a classic But You Made Me Feel…" (titled "Like A Virgin" for the show) exemplifies the perfect balance of power, extravagance, independence & sexuality👿all balanced w/ innocence, vulnerability & spirituality📿The duality☯️within us all This piece is a 12×12" #acrylicpainting on wood currently featured & available for purchase ($600) at @GabbaGallery in the infamous #Cratedigger #albumcover #art #exhibition 🔌The show runs thru Aug. 26th & TRUST, you want to experience Her in person! #VakseenArt #Vakseen #OthaDavisIII #artist #artwork #fineart #realism #newcontemporary #popart #popsurrealism #fashion #lifestyle

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So. 90 artists. I recognized four of them on sight, which is a lot for me. Christine Rasmussen, the wind beneath this blog’s wings, showed up and gave me a little bit of the lowdown. Her submission was based on U2.

So fun to get to go back to @gabbagallery this week with a collector to show my album cover inspired painting, based on U2's The Joshua Tree. Also loved getting to see the whole #cratediggervol2 show again – so many fantastic pieces! . . Swipe to see a few of my favorites, some of which are still available to purchase (hurry to claim your favorite, quick!). Show is up through Aug. 26, gallery open Wed-Sat 12-3 and by appointment. . . Art by: Christine Rasmussen "Outside It's America" #christinerasmussenart | • Olga Ponomarenko "Cookie Angel" @oponomarenko52 | • Leah Knecht "Kid A" @leahknecht | • Jared Yamahata "Cover Up 1 (Sia)" @jared_yamahata | • Kate Kelton "Bjorkception" @k8kelton | • Alex Achaval "Fortune Teller" @achavalart |• Bioworkz "Bear Shaman" @bioworkz . . . . #gabbagallery #cratedigger #afewofmyfavoritethings

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Kate Kelton, the icing on this blog’s cupcake, was there too. I saw her buy some fries from the food truck out front and then literally tilt her head back, put a funnel to her mouth, and dump the french fries in. This woman is so awesome, because that was the only proper way to consume french fries. This is how she felt after scarfing the fries.

Shameless. Here was her submission:

And I met Kristine Shomaker of Shoebox PR, the Superman to this blog’s Jimmy Olsen.

Kristine Shomaker.

Kristine Shomaker.

The art she made for the show was monochrome; difficult to make it show up in photos. Here’s a better angle.


Here’s what Cratedigger is all about:

In the digital age of the music industry, fewer are the days spent at the record store, thumbing through dusty crates filled with vinyl records. But the memory is not lost on many of us, as it is still undeniably entrancing to flip through visually striking covers that speak to the music they hold within.

As a record collector, artist, and gallery owner, it was a natural fit for Jason Ostro to curate an art show with this theme in mind. Gabba Gallery hosted its first Cratedigger show in 2016 with over 80 artists submitting work from all over the world. The success and enthusiasm from the artists and viewers has resulted in Cratedigger Vol. 2 opening August 12, 2017.

And here’s more of what it looked like:

[The Gabba Gallery]