Out with the old and in with the New Madonna

Which I’m still not sure about.

Vakseen: New Madonna

When I went through The Hive during this month’s Downtown Art Walk, I noticed Today’s The Day was gone from Vakseen’s alcove. New Madonna was in its place, which I’m still not sure about.


A face, in profile going left. A face in profile going right. Fashion designs on fashion patterns, and the word “Love.” Vakseen’s other Vanity-Pop style tended to fracture the face and jigsaw its elements a lot more. This one, there’s practically a whole face! That face draws me in to this work. After a while I look around at the other patterns, the zanier segmented elements (Vakseen said he often uses patterns from fashion).

With his other pieces, I tended to focus on the photorealistic facial segmenting and overlook the other components. There are a lot of them at work here, and they really work with the background to give this thing its sense of boldness. Also, it should go on some yoga pants.