It’s called Kharma, I think

I’m not very in touch with my emotions.

Abstract art be scary. I’ve been glancing this painting by Alan Mondragon, watching the angles of red, purple, and blue hover over a stark background that fades from yellow to brown and I’m wondering what to like or dislike. I just don’t know! I’m not very in touch with my emotions.

I’m like, are the sharp red things wings? Or are they fins? Or leaves? Is one of them a pyramid? Are they airplanes? Am I thinking about this the wrong way, trying to impose representational concepts onto a depiction of color and contour in pure form? Does the warm light source from the upper right actually soften everything else about this image, lending an organic touch to the reds and blues and their angles? Does it mean something that the angles, though acute, don’t jut or slice through the images as harshly as they appear on first glance? I just don’t know. What do you think?