Renee French, to the right this time

Should we give this critter a name?


This furry guy with a big forehead, big eyes, a small mouth, and half-floppy ears is the latest from Renee French’s blogspot.

The anthropomorphism going on is striking. You know you’re looking at what’s supposed to be an animal, with traits we’d find super-cute in super-cute animals. Yet it’s posed like a human being in an imporant portrait that will be hung in a mansion above a dining table for future generations to revere.

This figure is marked by organic curves. The fur’s fuzziness is pleasantly detailed – especially the way it looks tilted and brushed back, like preparing to sit for a portrait, and I like the way it fades into the stark black background.

The black background gives this image a sternness, which is whimsical considering the adorability of the subject. Should we give this critter a name? Pete? Allie? Jasper? I like Jasper. I don’t like continuing to call it “the animal” or “the critter” or what have you. It’s got too much character not to actually give it a name. Instagram tells me it’s called Ivey #89.

You can check out Ivey #89 for yourself at the upcoming coaster show at La Luz!

[Renee French]