When I found out about John Kilduff

What’s the point of anything now?

John Kilduff: Batman Tacos

Last Saturday afternoon at bg Gallery I saw this painting of Batman in a taco, titled “Batman Tacos” and created by John Kilduff, and spent the next ten seconds preparing some drive-by snark.

John Kilduff: Batman Tacos

John Kilduff: Batman Tacos

It was going to start with an imaginary someone asking “Would you hang that on your wall?” and I’d say back “I wouldn’t even hang it on my refrigerator.” Really, what more does it deserve? I eugooglized John Kilduff just to make certain the painter is not in fact seven years old, and that is how I discovered Let’s Paint TV.

The show is best noted for its live episodes, which consist of the host painting while he runs on a treadmill; in addition, he sometimes takes calls from viewers, cooks food, plays ping pong, or makes blended drinks.

What’s the point of anything now? Discussing the annoying lack of perspective, the whimsically unfunny thematic material, or even the eyeroll-inducincing flatness of color is moot, as the entire point was to paint this while on a treadmill. Would it help anybody to know I’m typing this blog post from a really uncomfortable chair?

Although Kilduff says that show is meant to inspire creativity in others, many of the callers he gets tend not to take him seriously. As the show was once on Public-access TV, and is now on the internet, there is little to no censoring. The show also lacks caller screening. Many take advantage of this by expressing prejudice, cursing, accosting members of the show, and making derogatory comments about rival gangs. Despite the overwhelming number of prank callers, John generally continues to take calls.

The sight of an artist simultaneously jogging, painting, blending drinks and chatting to guests and painting live models has led some to speculate that the whole show is an ironic piece of performance art. Kilduff denies this and states that he is completely sincere in trying to encourage people to do something creative.

Well, at least someone’s getting a blended drink out of this.

[The Food Show at bg Gallery]