Check out Angela Song’s Hanbok Girl

A moment full of promise.

She’s full of character, is the thing. The Hanbock girl, not Angela Song. Oh I’m sure Angela Song is full of character too but she’s not depicted in this watercolor piece. This is what I’m talking about.

Hanbok, via everyone’s favorite wiki, is ” is the representative example of traditional Korean dress. It is characterized by vibrant colors and simple lines without pockets. ”

The girl (I wish she had a name. How about Angie?) is looking up, behind her, so she is facing us but her eyes are looking elsewhere, almost coquettishly. It’s simple. I like the stitchlike pattern Song uses to suggest shading on the outfit’s material.

The focal point are the girl’s eyes. Visually, it’s the darkest dark within the lightest white in the piece, so the contrast is most noticeable. It leads you to look around and ask why is she so happy? We can’t see what she’s looking at but we fill in the why’s and wherefores of where her mood came from.

The whiteness of the girl’s eyes, collar and sleeves really anchor the visual balance against the backround’s amethyst and blue. The amethyst matches the girl’s hair and blouse; the blue matches her dress.

The emotion it inspires. A “This is a nice day, with a moment full of promise” feeling. I think it comes mostly from the facial expression, the angle of her hair braid and the ribbon she’s wearing suggest a pleasant breeze.

And there is the rose, especially striking in being the only red in the painting, way down in the bottom left corner. This visually opposes the direction the girl is gazing — up and to the right, out of the painting.

I just don’t like her nose and mouth. But aside from that, we’re cool.

[Angela Song Art]