And this, from Redd Walitzki

And for all that, you’l never really know.

Another thing going on at Corey Helford, starting last weekend (what exactly did I do instead of go there? I don’t even remember) is a solo show by Seattle-based artist Redd Walitzki. It looks marvelous. Here’s her Frozen Saga Triptych:


It features a golden-haired lady clad in willowey blue, her face shrouded by a featureless mask. There’s softness and the suggestion of grace and magic.

I’ve told myself to start looking for something I don’t like about this painting, so let’s see:
When I pan out, it’s too…. landscappey. Know what I mean? Snow-capped mountains on barren sky don’t evoke much of any emotion or curiosity in me.


“Stranger Than Earth” is a requiem to an Earth transformed by climate change; there is no going back to the world we used to know, but perhaps we can create a new world full of alien beauty. The explorers depicted in these paintings are a reflection of their environment, both unknowable and also entering into unknown spaces. Through these delicate mixed media paintings, I’m trying to combine the romanticism of high-fashion with a science-fiction edge. Atoms are dancing, hearts are breaking, and we dissolve into endless fields of flowers. —Beautiful Bizarre

The mask. It’s maddening. All that lushness in the contours of the fronds around her shoulders, the folds of the dress, even the way she’s holding her hands. There’s even light and texture on the mask. And for all that, you’l never really know what this girl looks like (the girl who modelled for this tweeted about it somewhere and I can’t even find it again, which is DOUBLE-EXTRA maddening)!

[Corey Helford]