So apparently this is going on at Corey Helford

The lady’s nipples, of course.

I almost went to the Corey Helford Gallery, once. It was a Saturday and the arts district downtown was completely packed. There was a line outside the gallery and a bouncer (for an art gallery, I kid you not!) said the wait was 45 minutes.

I looked across the street and observed that there were establishments where it seemed like people could walk in, pass a few dollars to a guy or gal on the other side of a wooden counter, and in return they would be given an alcoholic beverage with ice cubes in it mere moments later. So, I went to one of those places and stayed there all evening, guzzling rum and playing pinball.

I definitely should’ve gone to Corey Helford last week though. Camille Rose Garcia has Into the Badlands in a group exhibit, “Defying Gravity,” that started last Saturday and runs through Aug. 12.


Into the Badlands is an acrylic painting on wood panel. It’s colorful in an electric way, and there’s a sort of musicality to the way the light and contours are arranged in their elegant and flowey patterns. It’s bright and dark and Halloweeney. I’m drawn to the brightness and the facial features; the bird’s aggressive eyes, the makeup dripping from the girl’s betty-boop eyes; the lady’s nipples, of course, and the willowey quality of the lady’s umbrella. And: the way the head in her hand seems to be melting and weeping. In fact, the more I stare at this, the more technical precision and craftsmanship I see. This is obviously a great show.

[Corey Helford Gallery]