They’re clearly up to something

Ultimately, I want their tenuous team-up to work out.

Here are six adorable misfits standing shoulder to shoulder. The title throws you back to the 90s heist movie with five criminals thrown together in jail, plotting against the police.

Artist Gary Baseman paints his gremlins with a lot of character; there’s just the right amount of detail in their faces, their eyes and lips and teeth, as well as their clothes, to give a fine sense of who these monsters are and what they want out of life.

Something about the taller one, especially, draws me into the painting. This is tricky considering how closely her palette hews to the tones of the background and scenery behind her. Yet somehow, red manages to stand out against pink. It’s not just because she’s tall; the berry pattern of her hair ornament, and the stitching of her jacket, are relatively intricate compared to the other characters.

Ultimately, I want their tenuous team-up to work out. I want them to pull off their heist and go their separate ways, satisfied.