Let’s play along for a minute

I just kept on hating. It’s all I know.

I hate landscapes with joyful rolling meadows. I hate evocative sunsets that tint the evening clouds pink with pleasant comfort. I hate happy children running with abandon over said rolling meadows into said sunset. On a live TV broadcast, a presidential candidate once told the world that my heart was full of tremendous hate and you know what? I didn’t deny it. I just kept on hating. It’s all I know.


And yet, I like this piece: Come Fly With Me, by Dan May. There seems to be an absorbing sensuality in the grass, the way it seems to sway in the breeze; the genuine playfulness of the monster, and the large fuzzy creature next to hit (ha ha, because children are monsters!). And the way the painting’s perspective is angled to see both what these besties are doing together and the landscape they’re anticipating — literally looking forward to, together.

The big fuzzy guy: is that the boy’s imaginary friend?

Monsters don’t exist. And yes, anything can exist in a painting but come on.

I imagine this painting without the Yeti and the painting looks so much different. That fuzzy thing exerts such a profound emotional presence in this scene. Without it, you have a kid running alone into the sunset, wishing he was a bird. It’s both silly and realistic, but takes on such a stronger tone when there’s someone there playing along with him.

Dan May’s Come Fly With Me┬áis part of Giant Robot’s “Friends With the Animals” show. It’s for sale and on display until April 26.

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