Here’s some art from illustrator Bonnie Chang

A lot of precision is involved.

We’ve reflected on the bittersweetness of a bygone era. We’ve considered the relationship of color and contour to movement. We’ve even navigated subtle layers of emotional distance. I think it’s time for a change of pace.

And for the times when you just want to see how cool the evil queen looks when she’s working the dark arts before your very eyes, you can check out Bonnie Chang’s concept art.

Bonnie Chang

Bonnie, a digital illustrator who lives in the Monterey Park area, was a challenge to write about. I like to go to a gallery or a studio and get a sense of the scope of the work. Size, texture, the emotion in the lighting around it. But she’s only done digital art.

For concept art, the basic essence of a character — what she wants, what she does every day, has to be evident in the work. Bonnie uses details of facial expressions, details of the clothing, details of the way the person is positioned in space, details details details, to deliver a clear picture of who this person is, what she does, and what she wants.

A lot of precision is involved. And faces are tricky, of course.

She’s more than just a sitting portrait. She’s not going to sit silently upon a rock by the sea, gazing out past the waves in the distance leaving you to guess at what’s on her mind. This character dominates the scenery and wants to jump into action.

Which, come to think of it, is no small feat. That’s where stories begin.

[Bonnie Chang]