In which I didn’t quite make it to Jason Rhoads’ “Installations”

I can’t handle standing in line.

Before Pie.
Out at Hauser Wirth & Schimmel I ran into a line trying to get into Jason Rhoades ‘Installations’ show. I was 1 Manhattan and 2 glasses of wine into the evening. The line was an hour long, according to the bouncer. I could see it was a big space, but there couldn’t have been more than 30 people in the gallery at any given moment.

Walking south, the whole neighborhood was in line. The bar at the Angel City Brewery had a line and the restaurant next door had a line too. And there was a line all over the place at EightyTwo; outside the front door, getting drinks, and in front of the Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition arcade box.


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There was a line at the bakery next to to Angel City Brewery: Pie Hole.

After Pie.

This post is so over.