This girl and this guy

I recognized the name.

Last night at Corey Helford I was hanging out by the bar, drinking white wine next to a slim blonde whose face was a skull. She was funny as hell.

Sonni Leigh Pacheco

Sonni Leigh Pacheco, with makeup on.

She told me to check out her Instagram and I loved it.

Her name is Sonni and she’s a sculptor (skull-ptor?).

And she’s not blonde.

“Something about it reminds me of Rodin,” I said (Rodin crafted some pretty hot stuff).

“Thank you! People have told me that before!” she said.

Three dudes were chatting next to us. “You should follow his too,” Sonni said, pointing at the guy with the black jacket. He was Nychos.

Nychos at the Corey Helford Gallery

Nychos is in the middle, with all the bling on his coat.

I recognized the name. He’s got a kick-ass street mural over near my, umm, office. The artistry on it is really just sick.

Nychos on La Cienega in Culver City

Photo via Wowxwow

Rabbit Eye Movement started as a street art concept, created by urban/graffiti artist and illustrator Nychos in 2005.

Rabbit Eye Movement connects and promotes a network of urban artists, both national and international, and many with a background in illustration. The art space is a multi-purpose platform for these artists and provides room for exhibitions.

“That’s Nychos?” I went gaga. I started taking photo after photo of the guy. It was kind of weird, but Nychos was a good sport about it.

Nychos at Corey Helford Gallery

Nychos has left the building!

“I’m starting an agency here in Los Angeles,” he said. Perfect: we should be seeing a lot more from him on the walls around here soon!