I ran into Marge Simpson at the DTLA art walk

Nipples ahoy!

Lindy and I were hustling up and down Spring Street for the art walk. The sidewalks were full of people young and old, swank and homeless. Street artists camped out behind tables, slinging colorful paintings of 90s rap stars. We hung out by a taco truck for a few minutes, then crossed 5th Street with a horde of pedestrians. Right on the corner, we could see into a building with a room that was all hot pink, floors walls and ceiling. No furniture, only paint. It was the El Playground Gallery. In the next room was some pop-surrealist cubism.


Marge is seated like in a Rococo-style portrait, and painted like a Demoiselle D’Avignon with her limbs and proportions distended and displaced. The frame, is gilded, pompous and exquisite, giving this cubist portrait of Marge with her titties hanging out a sort of sensual gravitas. The room was packed with people Instagramming this shit. It was people of all colors and most of them looked like they were barely out of high school, which is AWESOME for the gallery, AWESOME for making other people want to come in and check out some art, AWESOME for the DTLA art scene in general.

Hey, get a load of Snow White.


Marge and Snow White were painted by ArcherOne, co-founder of El Playground Gallery, which is at 548 S. Spring St. in Los Angeles and right in the middle of the art walk!