What KMNDZ’s got at the House of Blues

None of it explains what the birdhouses mean.


The art criticism I’ve been going through for the last 20 minutes is super hoity. It talks about themes of identity, intersection, emotional displacement, yadda yadda, but none of it explains what the birdhouses mean and I think it’s time to discuss them. I’ve been seeing them — not everywhere, mind you, but definitely way more often in art than in real life. For art shows with work on display from sexyfamous jazztacular ultra-talented pop surrealists, some weird portion of the works will have birdhouses in them, somewhere (exhibit A: Nathan OtaExhibit B: KMNDZ).


KMNDZ at the House of Blues!

With that, this mural by KMNDZ is currently chilling out on a wall right in front of the concert hall at the House of Blues in Anaheim. It’s stunning. It’s lively. Note the spooky, yet oddly consistent sense of perspective on all the anthropomorphic objects! Note also that the point of focus is a birdhouse. Why? I’m not complaining; I’m just colossally curious. Where do birdhouses fit into the lowbrow pop-surrealist communal subconscious? Do any of you, my two readers and my mom, actually have a birdhouse? Can you tell me why they’re poping up in art lately? Can someone please clue me in? Kthx.