There she is

The bartender was literally thrilled.



Photo via Audrey Kawasaki

In February I went to the Anaheim Garden Walk, hoping to snap a glimpse of Audrey Kawasaki’s new mural at the House of Blues. The place was closed off and I ended up taking a quick walk around. It opened sometime in March and I went back there last week for a concert. While I was there, I asked the staff about Kawasaki’s mural. One of the ladies working there led me behind a velvet rope, through a back hallway, and out to the bar by the dining area. This woman was awesome, pointing out all the other art hanging on the Walls of Blues on the way there (it was a lot), how the House of Blues goes about finding artists to put on display.


So we got to the bar, and there it was. The bartender was literally thrilled that someone was specifically interested in this painting. It’s called ‘Shine On.’ Here’s a snaphot of the artist herself while she was working on it.


Audrey Kawasaki paints young women in sensual and suggestive pop-surrealist detail, on wood panels. She’s based in L.A., had a show about a year ago at Thinkspace, and I hope she has another one here sometime soon!