About Us

Jelani Yancey at Shockboxx

Jelani at Shockboxx in Hermosa Beach, right next to Davia King’s stylish interpretation of my face. (Photo credit: Clara Berta)

Pop Ellay is an art magazine stitched together with love, pain, and WordPress by hyperliterate art enthusiast Jelani Yancey and indie book publisher Lindy Kirk.

We are simple people with simple tastes and hot friends. We follow fake news obsessively. We eavesdrop so we can hear gossip better.  We have an ambivalent relationship with dating apps. Jelani likes to dance in front of taco trucks. Lindy sips wine while she walks her dogs. Get a few drinks in us at an art gallery and we’ll jump for joy, bashfully.

Lindy Kirk out for ice cream one night with Lexie, who is 73rd in line for the British throne.

The L.A. art scene is boisterous and bustling. We meet artists we like and we flirt with them, aggressively but tastefully. We love writing about them and their work. We hope you enjoy what we find on this site, and we hope we can help you find something you like. Come out with us one of these days or nights. If you’re an artist, contact us and tell us what you’re up to! If you’re a gallery, tell us about yourself! We want to visit. If we’ve already visited you, remind us to visit again! We’ve got time and you’re worth it.

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