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What KMNDZ’s got at the House of Blues

None of it explains what the birdhouses mean.

• Oct 9 • 212 words

When your tits grow their own tits, at La Luz

To be honest, I can’t even.

• Oct 8 • 64 words

There she is

The bartender was literally thrilled.

• Oct 4 • 217 words

There goes the neighborhood, Matt Adrian

Technically precise and savagely funny.

• Sep 29 • 232 words

Five things about Mondragon’s Mutualism

I think I’m still afraid of abstracts.

• • 107 words

Five things about Michael Choi’s untitled nude lady

The focal point is her sideboob.

• • 69 words

Seven things about Cuddly Rigor Mortis’ Ice Cream Buddies

Do I really need there to be more than that?

• Sep 28 • 229 words

Seven things about Kristine Augustyn’s ‘Sexy?’ painting

There’s a softness to the palette and to the contours that really invites acceptance.

• • 277 words

Oh hey, I found this guy too

The mouse, not the dog. I still haven’t found the dog.

• • 58 words

Hey thanks, I found the guy

Which, there’s plenty more where that came from.

• Sep 27 • 189 words