Scenes from the World Bodypainting Festival

By | Posted in: æsthetics Jul 31 2017 |

The  20th annual World Bodypainting Festival culminated in some sort of championship contest over the weekend. Going from the looks of contestants, I have no idea how to judge this thing without just having everybody win.

The Festival was first held in 1988. Organized by tourism manager Alex Barendregt, ittakes place every year in Austria, and sets hundreds of bodies ablaze, figuratively speaking, with ornate, vivid tints and tones. Artist apply paint, latex, any costume materials you can think of, and the canvas is the human body, of course. It’s an Instagram hashtag waiting to trend (#wbf20years, by the way). Here, look at some photos.

The artwork, in many cases, completely obscures bodily features and appears to accomplish far more than even a straight-up costume. I feel that the phrase “visually stunning” gets thrown around too much, but as I’m looking at these posts, I am actually stunned. I am sitting here slack-jawed, clicking next next next at each picture, with no idea what to do with the rest of my day.

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