Doing something about all that graffiti

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The wall of Amber Goldhammer's studio.

The wall of Amber Goldhammer’s studio.

Goldhammer’s studio was open for Saturday’s Bergamot Station Summer Celebration. Hers is easily one of the best-lit studios on the premises, and so with all the colorful, vivid graffiti and the bright ambience, the artwork itself really kind of bustles.

Amber Goldhammer's vision of the world.

Amber Goldhammer’s vision of the world.

You get the sense that if you hang out long enough, the paintings might start talking to you and then invite you out to a party.

Amber Goldhammer's studio

I recognized all the corny, funky ways Goldhammer says “I love you” from before; Bergamot’s spring show.

Amber Goldhammer

People moseyed in here and there. Goldhammer had a canvas in front of her desk, where she invited passers-by to chip in and paint a little something for a group piece, called “Paint Your Love.”

Deeper in the studio there was our old friend, Goldhammer’s figure painting. It was Goldhammer’s most challenging piece to date, because it’s the only one that’s not really abstract. Clearly though, the same energetic style as with the rest of the graffiti in the room.


[Amber Goldhammer]