Renee French giving you stinkeye again

By | Posted in: æsthetics Jul 19 2017 |

I used to have a fake name on Facebook.  It looked like a real name, it was easier to pronounce and remember than my real name, and when people started calling me by that name instead of my real name and I corrected them, they did not believe me. So I just  sort of had a nom de plume. I was talking about this to Lindy the other night, and this is the exact look she gave me. She looked like one of Renee French’s obstinate, untrusting little creatures narrowing its eyes at me across the table.

At first glance I don’t think much of this thing. It’s tiny, it’s done in French’s usual style; fuzzy munchkins with soft curves. But I didn’t close the tab fast enough. I started noticing the level of detail in the fur, in the folds of the eyelids, the attention paid to the tiny tiny snout (what does this thing eat? Sunflower seeds?) and the spotted brow. If this creature had its own Facebook profile and this was the picture, I’d send a friend request. It would probably get rejected, obviously.

[Renee French]