I think Cowgirl likes it when I gaze at her a little too long

By | Posted in: gallery Apr 9 2017 | https://wp.me/p8iCSM-11c

Three things about Mayuko Nakamura’s Cowgirl, which went on display last night at Giant Robot’s Friends with the Animals and Other Tales in an Anthropomorphized World:

  1. With light, Mayuko emphasizes curves and tactile smoothness.
  2. Look at her eyes. They’re not cow eyes. They’re human eyes with a bovine mask around them.
  3. She’s got very luscious breasts, which I am looking at too closely, and perky willing udders, which I am also looking at too closely. The thing is, udders are breasts. You don’t need sets of both. At least one set is fake.

Which is all to say, it would be pretty bizarre for me to gaze at a picture of an intensely sexualized cow. Gazing at an intensely sexualized human woman in a skin-tight cow suit: not that strange.

And yes, there are toy ducks floating around with weird lip-bills — making the kind of duck lips that girls used to do in their MySpace pics, and yes the weird little ducks with their weird lips also have weird grassy little crowns for some reason, and maybe if I focused on them I’d come up with something meaningful to say about photographic subjects sexualizing themselves, and some sort of indictment of the male gaze. But this post is about sex, which is supposed to be fun, and I don’t fuck ducks. I fuck cows, okay? Okay.

[Mayuko Nakamura’s Art]