When I met Kate Kelton

I was snapping pics of Fiat and Fawn at Laluzapalooza when the artist herself came up to me pretty excited that someone was into her work.

This was very cool of her. Pictured above is “Fawn.” It’s acrylic with ink, graphite, and varnish on cradled birch. Cradled birch means that the art is done on a birch panel, and that panel is cradled inside of a birch frame.

Wood in this hue gives a warm feeling to a work and imbues it with a sense of naturalness, emphasizing the personal touch on the material. I was wondering idly about the figure’s soft features, about what the model posing there might actually look like.

As it turns out, they look like this:
Hlavni Nadrazi Train Station

Kate’s grandfather sculpted these statues, which are on display at the Hlavni Nadrazi train station — the main train station — in Prague, Czech Republic. Those statues are Kate’s models. That one on the bottom left, that’s the inspiration for Fawn.

It was well lit that night and the light in the gallery set off the sparkle of the acrylic.

[Kate Kelton]