Where it’s at this weekend

By | Posted in: gallery Jan 3 2018 | https://wp.me/p8iCSM-52L

Saturday nights, Pop Ellay runs this town. Me and Lindy hop around the city from gallery to gallery, leaving behind the pitiful wailing of art widows amidst smoldering ruins where once hung bold, vibrant paintings and stood noble statues. See, we hunt the art down, then we kill it and eat it. It’s the only way we can feel complete. We’ve sorta relaxed on that for the holiday season, but this Saturday we’ll be out in full force. Here are the targets, and I usually try and head to each one in order of who opens the earliest:

Gallery1988’s first show of the year will be Animal Kingdom, opening from 11am to 6pm. I like that the show will be early on in the day. Really gives me time to take in the ambience and strike up a conversation with a stranger. Before I kill the art and eat it.

The show will feature Tree And The Rock, who I believe are also the gallery’s owners. The artwork is aimed at children’s rooms and nurseries, apparently, which should make it easy to subdue and ingest. I imagine it will be like taking candy from a baby.

Gallery1988 is at 7306 Melrose Ave.

CB1, a gallery I haven’t been to yet, will feature Matt Lifson in a show titled How Is Your Fever, as well as artist Georganne Deen in a show titled Psychic Violence in America. These don’t sound particularly happy as art shows go, but I’m going to stalk and eat this art anyway because I have to be true to myself.

The show opens from 4 to 7pm, and CB1 Gallery is at 1923 S. Santa Fe Ave., 90021, right by the Night Gallery in Boyle Heights.

Betwixt and Between, a show at Thinkspace, opens at 6pm and will feature works from Canadian artist Sarah Joncas and SoCal artist Kelly Vivanco. “An exhibition about the creative potential of unscripted spaces and the generative possibility of in-betweens, Joncas and Vivanco, forego the limits of the aphoristic for the contiguous freedom of the fable,” says the menu for the show, upon which I shall feast like a hobo with apple pie.

Thinkspace is in Culver City at 6009 Washington Blvd.

And for dessert, we shall dig into Pop Ellay pal Kate Kelton’s solo Artstar show at the Gabba Gallery. Kate’s a fun person to hang around and I certainly expect her art to be flavorful and rich. Additionally, artists Dytch66, SpaceGoth, and Cyrus Howlett will have shows there that night . The more artists, the merrier the meal! Gabba shows generally feel like extremely tasteful keg parties.

The Gabba Gallery is at 3126 Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles. See ya there!