Look at Christine Rasmussen’s new je ne sais quoi

By | Posted in: æsthetics gallery Dec 6 2017 | https://wp.me/p8iCSM-4r9

Late last summer, Christine Rasmussen spent a few weeks in the north, at Chalk Hill’s artist residency. She came back just in time to set up for Keystone Art Space’s Open Studios event. I could tell there was a certain something different in her paintings since I last met up with her.

This is Down, part of Rasmussen’s “She was just a dream” set.


“SHE WAS JUST A DREAM (2014-present), a series of paintings in oil on canvas, is about memory, loss and illusion evoking a sense of nostalgia and longing in the viewer,” Christine said about the art in this series. Over (below) is my favorite in the set.

Compared to Over, Down has a warmer palette with higher contrast. The nostalgia and longing is still there in both paintings, but in Down it’s tweaked to feel less lonely. There’s still loneliness — especially implied in the long shadows of the fence, the shadow below the floating dress, the shadows in the corners of the building, just offset by the warmer overall color scheme, adding a certain je ne sais quoi.

“I feel like I hit on something that’s really working for me,” she said.

So Christine, what changed for you at the Chalk Hill Artist Residency? (Once I introduced a French phrase, this blog post became self-aware and can now talk directly to people).

“I learned about my practice. I need a lot of downtime and space to feel creative,” she said.

“I live in an urban city; I paint urban scenes, and it was nice to be around fresh air and trees,” she continued, adding “I didn’t realize how distracted social media, devices, and teevee affect my art.”

[Christine Rasmussen]