Shockboxx Gallery was pretty much the best thing

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Pop Ellay pal Amber Goldhammer and random spray painting beach bum Davia King showed up at ShockBoxx Gallery in Hermosa Beach earlier this month and went upside the gallery’s south wall, for an event titled ‘Love & Humanity.’ They made a very, very pretty mess of things and I couldn’t stop taking photos.

Amber Goldhammer and Davia King at Shockboxx.

Look what Amber and Davia did to this wall!

Amber paints love everywhere that love can fit. The girl just doesn’t give a fuck; if she sees space, she’s putting love there. She sprayed much of the text, and Davia sprayed most of the figures, and they both had a party with the color.

Amber Goldhammer at Shockboxx!

Amber Goldhammer herself!

“It’s aggressive and abrasive, the way the room becomes a painting,” said Judson Vereen, a self-taught abstract artist.

“If you were to ride the metro in the 80s in New York, it would look like that room,” he said.

Amber Goldhammer and Davia King at Shockboxx.

It’s just everywhere.

“We each showed up here with buckets of paint,” Amber said. “Davia was like ‘I’m gonna start with pink.’ And I was like cool, I’m gonna start with blue! And it all worked out.”


Davia King absolutely pwnd the gallery’s entire back room. She sketched faces everywhere all over the place, and it felt like I was at a party with like a thousand gremlins. Here’s what one of the walls looked like. Yeah, that’s a chair in the corner.

Davia King at Shockboxx

“This one stands out to me, the one with the nice eyes,” said Clara Berta, an LA-based abstract artist. Clara was really excited to be here. She led me around the room, pointing at this figure and that one in the bustling garden of figures and colors and curves.

Davia was hanging out back there, still doodling. She drew my face, and the faces of others, on the window. Love and humanity.

Davia King at Shockboxx, being awesome.

Davia King at Shockboxx, being awesome.

These two abstract artists below — Clara and Amber — have their studios in the same building downtown, on 8th Street. Visit them on the DTLA art walk, second Thursday every month!

Clara Berta and Amber Goldhammer at Shockboxx.

Clara Berta and Amber Goldhammer at Shockboxx!

Everything I like in the world is right there on that south wall of Shockboxx. I’ll be sad when the show closes, which is this week.

Amber Goldhammer at Shockboxx

Amber Goldhammer took over her own wall at Shockboxx!