1. I’m not actually sure whether the painting is called ‘Sexy?’ or if Kristine was polling Twitter to ask whether the painting is sexy. Which it is, by the way.

2. It’s mostly abstract, with a few representational forms and patterns here and there.

3. My mind lingers on the relationship of the abstract to the concrete; of the colors and their romantic flowing together, to how the woman feels and what she’s thinking.

4. As I gaze at it, I find this painting very hard to dislike. There’s a softness to the palette and to the contours that really invites acceptance.

5. I feel like the colors mirror, somehow, what’s on the woman’s mind. They’re vivid, after all, and her face is not.

6. The prominent colors, pink, green, and white are both background and the objects in the image. Prominent objects and contours are the structure of marks and glyphs climbing up the middle of the image, and a lady wearing white in the bottom left corner.

7. Mine eyes focus on the lady in white, the tower, and the white bubble on the right.
White indicates foreground, contrasting with the color and making the color look more intense.

And, a couple of things about Kristine Augustyn herself:

I’m a self-taught artist who lives and works in Los Angeles. I work primarily in acrylics and uses color and light in a post-impressionistic style. The study of light, reflection, transparency and color is my main focus both in art and in life. My hope with my art is to bring joy and to always evoke the thoughtfulness of possibilities.