Wearing your heart on your sleeve, with Clara Berta and Florence Saint-Cricq

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Beverly Hills-based Neuro Performance Strategist Florence Saint-Cricq presented a talk on the relationship of art to well-being.

Florence Saint-Cricq

Gather ’round! Don’t be shy! Gather ’round!

The colors we wear are linked to chakras, which are centers of spiritual power in the human body. And we commonly dress in colors that reveal the chakras we are unconsciously trying to express.

Saint-Cricq began by discussing the chakras in the body from toe to head. She started with the root chakra, expressed with red; the sacral chakra, orange; the solar plexus chakra, yellow or gold; the heart chakra in the chest, green and pink; the throat chakra, blue; the third-eye chakra, indigo; and the crown chakra, purple.

“When you break down colors and how they touch people, it’s really interesting,” said Amber Goldhammer, an abstract artist based in Los Angeles.

And for the audience participation portion of the evening! A few people in the room volunteered to have Flo tell them about themselves, based solely on what they were wearing.

For full disclosure: I’m not a chakras person, per se. I’m not really much into either religion or spirituality (when a person makes up his or her own religion). But I generally walk into every room with an open mind. I even attended a Tea Party meeting once! There was free wifi so I was happy with it. Anywho, back to chakras: what I saw in the room, and what I often see in art, is a desire to connect with others; to show and be shown, to see the truth and to have your truth seen. This was the value of Saint-Cricq’s demonstration.

Standing up by the speaker, Clara was probably the easiest to read. Blue is the color of intuition. Clara, a fiercely expressive abstract artist, was wearing a royal blue dress and a hundred-watt smile.

There was a lady in a green dress. The green chakra represents our health, prosperity, and abundance, and wearing green expresses a concern for those issues, Saint-Cricq said.

Clara Berta, Florence Saint-Cricq

Florence Saint-Cricq on the right. Clara Berta on the left. Legs!

“She was spot-on,” Clara said. “I thought she was really good!”

Sarah Taylor, a travel writer at All Set Concierge, let Saint-Cricq give her a reading at the event. Sarah wore a bright orange blouse; the orange (sacral) chakra, externalizing gut feelings and wisdom.

Sarah Taylor, All Set Concierge

Sarah Taylor, who blogs at All Set Concierge. This photo was NOT taken at Clara Berta’s studio.

“I felt a little bit like I had a free therapy session,” Taylor said. “I talked to Flo before I went up there and she kind of broke me down. I almost cried,” she added.

Delivering this presentation inside BertaArt Studio Gallery gave guests the opportunity to connect Clara’s work to their own feelings about art.

“I love Clara’s use of texture,” said Jazmyn Holliday, a budtender in Los Angeles. She looked around the room, trying to pick out a favorite. She decided her favorite was Into the Blue, hanging in the hallway right outside the studio.


“It’s the texture that gets me,” Holliday said.

Mental health issues run in Holliday’s family and she was interested in getting tips on how to understand this aspect of her life.

“Florence was very knowledgeable. She’s not your run-of-the-mill psychotherapist,” Holliday said.

Jazmyn Holliday

Jazmyn is the black girl in the boots and fantastic dress, left-center section of this photo.

I learned a few ways to help my family cope with their disabilities. And mine as well,” she added.

Clara Berta lives and works in downtown Los Angeles. BertaArt Studio is at 120 East 8th Street #202, and you should visit her on the monthly downtown art walk.

Florence Saint-Cricq is a neuro performance strategist and runs Your Life, Inc., at 260 S. Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills.