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Hey thanks, I found the guy

Which, there’s plenty more where that came from.

• Sep 27 • 189 words

It’s called Kharma, I think

I’m not very in touch with my emotions.

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They’re prominent and well lotioned.

• Sep 26 • 110 words

Wearing your heart on your sleeve, with Clara Berta and Florence Saint-Cricq

To see the truth and to have your truth seen.

• Sep 22 • 655 words

In which Narsiso Martinez emerged victorious

So you can’t win at art per se. But.

• Sep 8 • 298 words

Show me more, Avenue des Arts

Because that’s how we do things around here.

• Sep 7 • 1018 words

September in broad strokes

Her arm looks funny.

• Sep 1 • 412 words
Cratediggger, at The Gabba Gallery.

Well, Cratedigger was something

Hundreds of people showed up and there was a bouncer.

• Aug 22 • 482 words
Vakseen: New Madonna

Out with the old and in with the New Madonna

Which I’m still not sure about.

• • 167 words

Layers and layers and layers of Clara Berta

I was warned!

• Aug 21 • 773 words