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The wall of Amber Goldhammer's studio.

Doing something about all that graffiti

All the corny, funky ways Goldhammer says “I love you.”

• Jul 25 • 198 words

Stumbling across two by Ron English at Bergamot Station

Speaking of insouciance.

• • 408 words
Jean-Antoine Watteau, La Surprise.

The art world in broad strokes, July 24

A real-live art heist was resolved!

• Jul 24 • 332 words
Clara Berta

Keeping up with the artist

Clara fricking Berta doesn’t know this, but.

• Jul 21 • 300 words

And this, from Redd Walitzki

And for all that, you’l never really know.

• • 272 words

So apparently this is going on at Corey Helford

The lady’s nipples, of course.

• • 263 words
Renee French

Renee French giving you stinkeye again

If this creature had its own Facebook profile and this was the picture, I’d send a friend request.

• Jul 19 • 198 words

What have you been up to today?

Stuff that’s lurking about on Instagram.

• Jul 13 • 83 words

They’re clearly up to something

Ultimately, I want their tenuous team-up to work out.

• Jul 12 • 174 words
Source: Emboss Magazine

Vakseen and your layers of complexity

It sizzles with colour and distinctive contours. A bunch of my friends hate it.

• Jul 10 • 1128 words