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In 2011 I was living in Manhattan, Kansas, writing art reviews every month or so on a blog I kept for fun. One night, a friend sat down with me at the best bar in the world. He bought me a bourbon and ginger ale with lime, and asked me about the blog and about my life: “why don’t you do that full time?”

Six years and a drastic change of residence later, I have been thinking about what my friend said as I’ve watched teeming hordes of Angeleno hipsters lined up outside of museum exhibitions. West Coasters flock to galleries by the dozens and by the hundreds. And there is so much of it! Art is up in all of Ellay’s hot spots. It’s exciting and sexy! I want to explore as much of it as I can.

The thought of discovering LA’s art and sharing it with you makes me feel … kind of hungry, actually. So let’s begin!

First, a few terms:

  • Pop: commonplace objects, ideas, and everyday people.
  • Art: decoration of space.
  • Ellay: Los Angeles, but with more style.

For every painting I like, there are ten more that I’m staring at wondering what, exactly, is hanging in front of me: Contours? Colors? Visual metaphors? (And before I can decide, A Lady will saunter up next to me and say “It’s a bold, searing statement on the ephemerality of beauty in the post-Obama era.” I nod along thoughtfully and scribble down what she says. She’s very wise and clever and should have a WordPress of her own, but she doesn’t, so you’re stuck with me).

That feeling though — the feeling that she and everyone around me understands something about pop art in Ellay that I just can’t see — that’s what I’ll be aiming at when I write. I’m not an artist; I don’t have a degree in fine arts or art history or basket weaving. I’m a scenester with a knack for journalism. I intend to use this blog to take a stab at the accessibility of art. I’m literally walking from gallery to gallery, finding out about the venues and the artists thereabouts; who they are, what materials they use, what metaphors they display in the contours and colors, tease out any pertinent bold, searing commentary, and hopefully in the process I’ll learn a little about Los Angeles. Follow along!

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