Cratediggger, at The Gabba Gallery.

Well, Cratedigger was something

Hundreds of people showed up and there was a bouncer.

• Aug 22 • 482 words
Vakseen: New Madonna

Out with the old and in with the New Madonna

Which I’m still not sure about.

• • 167 words

Layers and layers and layers of Clara Berta

I was warned!

• Aug 21 • 770 words

Michael Choi’s woman in blue, sorta

Abstraction happens in art all the time, to varying degrees.

• Aug 17 • 187 words

In the words of the birds, from Matt Adrian

The harmlessly dark sense of humor.

• Aug 16 • 74 words

Renee French, to the right this time

Should we give this critter a name?

• Aug 15 • 197 words
David Trulli, Out of Hand

What are the (Space) Men in the cities doing, exactly?

A truly universal instinct for complete abandon through dance.

• Aug 14 • 531 words

Justin Ayala, supreme in the case of any citizen

I guess he’s right? I trust he’s okay.

• • 176 words

Yes, the face

You’ll come across the truth, whatever that is.

• Aug 1 • 120 words
John Kilduff: Batman Tacos

When I found out about John Kilduff

What’s the point of anything now?

• • 351 words